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Pain Stresses us out both physically and mentally, whether we are conscience of it or not. Improve the quality of your life- Take care of your feet.
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Call Us Today!
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Taj A. Malik DPM PC
If you or someone in your household is suffering from pain and discomfort in the foot/feet or ankle/ankles, contact us to schedule an appointment. Constant foot or ankle pain isn’t something that you just have to deal with. Letting your pain and discomfort linger can ultimately lead to bigger problems, including lower-back pain and issues with your hips and knees. So, if you’re dealing with anything from a painful arch or an ingrown toenail to a more serious disorder, have it treated immediately by a podiatrist.
At Taj A. Malik DPM PC Inc., our qualified, professional podiatrist understands the afflictions of the feet and the complications that can arise from them. Don’t live another day with the pain and discomfort. Contact us today to set up a medical consultation and we’ll restore the health of your feet in no time.


Your feet are your foundation. Give them the proper care they deserve and rest easy with our team of gentle and caring doctors and nurses.

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Get back on your feet sooner. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options, proper care, and financing options.

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